CVI Conference

By Kerry Michael – Administrative Assistant


On May 5th over 40 vision professionals participated in the annual Claire Loder McGough Conference despite a torrential downpour. This years topic was “Vision and the Brain: What Neuroscans can tell us about CVI.”

Participants┬ácame from all corners of Maryland to hear Dr. Corinna Bauer from Harvard Medical School and the Schepens Eye Research Institute. Dr. Bauer spoke about her work on the use of multimodal neuroimaging techniques to understand how the visual dysfunctions observed in cortical/cerebral visual impairment (CVI) relate to changes in brain structure and function. Even I (someone with a Literature degree) found her talk both engaging and enlightening, so I’m sure are esteemed professionals got much more from the presentation.

After a delicious lunch with lots of guacamole participants met in breakout groups to discuss specific practices for helping students on the ground and strengthened their connections with colleagues.

Another important part of the day was the awarding of the Claire Loder McGough Professional Achievement Award. This year it went to MSB’s very own Principal, Dr. Josh Irzyk for his technological contributions to the field, and luckily his mom was there to see him accept his award! (Keep an eye out for a later post with details about Dr. Irzyk’s award and accomplishments).