NEW Summer Course for middle and high school aged kids.

Does your child love ANIMALS? How about ROBOTS? What about the ENVIRONMENT? If any of these are true, or even if not, consider The Maryland School for the Blind Outreach Services’ First LEGO League Summer Course.

Ignite interest in robotics, STEM, and our relationship with animals! Watch the thrill of learning through hands-on discovery! See your child develop their teamwork and problem solving skills and learn to think creatively!



First LEGO League immerses kids in real-world science and technology challenges. Teams of kids are challenged to design their own solution to current scientific problems, and then build LEGO robots that perform autonomous “missions.” In the process, they develop valuable life skills and discover exciting career possibilities in science and technology. They even discover that they, too, can make positive contributions to society.

This summer program will provide step-by-step introduction to LEGO robotics; all skill levels are welcomed and NEEDED, technical or non-technical! There will also be trips to the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum in D.C. and the NASA Goddard Center. 

First LEGO League’s positive impact on participants is gratifying and well documented. Over 87% of participants are more interested in doing well in school, and 88% have more interest in attending college.

This year’s theme is “Animal Allies” where participants will identify a problem when people and animals interact, design a solution that makes the interaction better for animals, people, or both, and share your problem and solution with others, all for ANIMAL ALLIEISM! Participants will learn to think of people and animals as allies in the quest to make life better for everyone. Sometimes people help animals and sometimes animals help people. The Project mission this season is to make our interactions with animals better – hopefully better for all of us.

Animal Allies will introduce opportunities to participate in First LEGO League throughout the following school year and participants will get a LEGO souvenir to take home with them.

The Maryland School for the Blind is the first blind school to compete in First LEGO League and is working in partnership with LEGO to create a program using the tactile nature of LEGOs to aid visually impaired youth.

Fill out your REGISTRATION FORM now and send it to

For more information please view the following videos, check out the FLL Website, or reach out to us at 410-444-5000 ext: 1249.

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